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Who we are

Founded in 1964, Rome is a 3 generation family business with a focus on enjoyment in the outdoors. Our company has two core product lines.

Outdoor Cookware - Known for our original Pie Iron sandwich cookers and large selection of roasters, marshmallow and s'more forks, we have everything you need to make campfire memories.

Garden Decor - We manufacture true pieces of art with our heirloom quality, solid brass sundials.

Rome Classic Double Pie Iron

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About Rome


Rome is a 3 generation family business that has two main product lines; Outdoor Cookware and Garden Decor

Rome's Outdoor Cookware:
Rome has been making campfire memories since 1964 when we first started manufacturing our Original Pie Irons.  These cast iron cooking tools are designed to make sweet or savory toasted sandwiches and pies over an open fire. In the nearly 60 years that we’ve made them, Pudgie Pies (as people like to call them) have become an iconic part of the campfire and backyard fire pit experience.

In addition to our full range of unique Pie Iron designs, we also make various accessories for Pie Iron cooking.  We also have a selection of traditional cast iron waffle irons and the largest selection of marshmallow and hot dog folks in North America.

While Rome outdoor cookware is traditionally a campfire cooking brand, over the years more and more people use our products over the backyard fire pit as well as on barbecue grills.

Rome's Garden Decor:
Rome has been designing sundials and garden decor for nearly 60 years. With a specialty in solid brass, each original design is carefully hand poured using the ancient craft of sand mold casting. To compliment our dials, we offer a wide range of sundial pedestal bases. We also have a selection of stainless steel gazing globes and decor for the garden.

We mostly sell our cookware to specialty outdoor retailers as well as gift shops, campgrounds, RV stores, general stores and gourmet kitchen stores. Our garden decor is sold primarily to gift shops and garden centers. We have a permanent showroom at AmericasMart in Atlanta and invite you to meet us and see our products up close at the show.  

Rome’s warehouse is centrally located in Peoria, IL and our main office is in Madison, WI.  

All of our Pie Irons and cast iron cookware have a consumer friendly 10 year warranty.

How To Buy


Rome products are available at independent retail shops throughout the US and Canada.

To Buy Locally From One Of Our Dealers: Store Locator

We also sell them on our website -

Rome Pie Irons and Outdoor Cookware -
Available on our online shop

Rome Sundials & Garden Decor -
Available at our online shop

If you live outside of the US, please contact us and we'll try and connect you with a way to buy our products.

Wholesale Info


Are you a retail store that would like to sell Rome Industries products? We would love to work with you.

Rome Outdoor Cookware -
While we have traditionally been a camping brand, our products are just as likely to find themselves being used on a BBQ grill or backyard firepit as the campfire. This has widened our brand demographics tremendously and Rome cookware can be found in specialty outdoor stores, gift shops, hardware stores, grilling & bbq shops, gourmet kitchen stores, general stores and more.. Please note, We are currently not opening new dotcom only accounts.

Rome Garden Decor -
Our heirloom quality sundials are primarily sold to garden centers and nurseries, gift shops, specialty bird and nature stores and independent hardware stores. Please note, We are currently not opening new dotcom only accounts.

To Obtain Wholesale Info -
We have a wholesale only website called To obtain the password please give us a call at 800-818-7603 or email When contacting us you'll be asked for your business contact information and address.

You may also call or email to have our catalog either mailed or emailed to you.

Rome is also sells via the online distributor site
Our Outdoor Cooking Site is:
Our Garden Decor Site is:

You may also purchase our products from the national Garden Industry wholesale distributor, BFG

Trade Shows -
Rome has a showroom in Atlanta's Americasmart in theGardens where you'll find us at both the Jan and July markets.  We also attend several national trade shows including Outdoor Retailer.

Canada -
Our full line of outdoor cooking products are carried by our distributor DMA out of Mt Forest, Ontario.

For garden decor in Canada please reach out to us directly.

Europe -
Our products are distributed regionally by Eisenbams of Germany.
We do have some openings for distributors in other parts of Europe.

Asia, Americas, Africa, Australia -
Please contact us if you'd like to sell our products in your country either as a retailer or distributor. We would be happy to have a discussion.


1703 W Detweiller Dr
Peoria, IL 61615 USA
W TEL 309-691-7120

2033 Atwood Ave
Madison, WI 5374 USA

O TEL 800-818-7603