Pioneer Grills
Choosing a portable grill or grate is not dictated so much by the type of fire you'll be cooking on, but by how you'll get to the campsite and how many people you'll be cooking for. We offer grills that meet the needs of everyone from car camping families to canoe trippers

#117 Tri-Pod Grill
Control the cooking heat by vertically adjusting the grill with the unique chain assembly of our tri-pod grill. The three strong support legs breakdown for easy storage. Features a 21½" safe t edge chrome plated grill grate.

21½" dia grill, chrome plated steel
UPC 0-29794-11703-9
case pack 3

#118 Quad-Pod Grill
This grill system allows you to manage open fire cooking with more precision by vertically adjusting the cooking grate with a simple hand crank. The chromeplated grill measures 12" x 24" and is adjustable up to 22". The quad-pod easily breaks down for car camping and storage (without tools) and also works great as a semi-permanent outdoor grill at the cabin or over the Backyard firepit.
Assembled footprint: 23"w x 25 1/2"l x 24 1/2"h
Packs down to 27" x 13" x 2"
No tools required
UPC 0-29794-11804-3
case pack 3

#123 Camp Ring Grill (round grate)
A solid cooking surface designed to fit the 24" dia. truck rims that many campgrounds use for fire rings. Also works with a wide variety of backyard firepits. Made from heavy-duty chrome wire, our camp ring provides a clean, solid surface for grilling.

24½" dia grill with 3 heavy crossbars. chromeplated steel
UPC 0-29794-12303-0
case pack 12

#124 Camp Grill
Four heavy-duty support bars hold cook sets, pots and pans without warping. Crossbars are spaced close for cooking hamburgers, hot dogs, etc... directly on the grill. Permanently attached and rigidly braced legs fold flat for storage.

" x 12½" surface, 12" legs. chromeplated steel
UPC 0-29794-12404-4
case pack 6
Rome's #124 camp grill
#126 Pioneer Camp Grate
This strong grate is perfect for campers and canoeists who want the benefits of a sturdy camp grill without the added weight of the legs. Heavy steel bars are chrome plated for durability. A classic design that has been tested again and again. From the RV park to the Yukon.

" x 12½" surface, 12" legs. chromeplated steel
UPC 0-29794-12605-5
case pack 6
Rome's #126 camp grate
#128 Pioneer Camp Grill - small
A nice folding grill when space and weight is not a concern. Thinner gauge metal saves on weight and price, but does not compromise overall quality. Chrome plated steel construction. Legs fold for storage.

x 11" surface, 12" legs. chromeplated steel
UPC 0-29794-12806-6
case pack 6
Rome's #128 camp grill
#129 Pioneer large Camp Grate
Our largest grill grate is perfect for group camping and makes the perfect cooking surface on a rock ring campfire. Also works with a variety of backyard firepits.

x 28 " surface. chromeplated steel
UPC 0-29794-12958-5
case pack 6
#130 Adjustable Cooking Grate
This heavy duty cooking grate with adjustable height positions is designed to fit in a standard fireplace or at the campsite. The sturdy steel grate adjusts to three different heights up to 15". Made from steel with a high temp food grade enamel finish. Easily disassembles for storage.

20" x 16" cooking areasurface. chromeplated steel
UPC 0-29794-13068-7
case pack 1

#134 Firepan Rotisserie Grill
This self-contained outdoor cooking system includes a heavy duty steel firepan with adjustable grill grate and hand crank rotisserie. Perfect for backcountry outings where firepans are required or as a backyard firepit where the focus is on outdoor cooking.

Firepan measures 19 3/4" x 15" and is 3" deep.
There are four removable legs which elevate the pan 3" off the ground for use in sensitive environments. The pan is made from thick steel and designed for wood or charcoal fires and is strong enough to handle the weight of dutch ovens. 15 1/2" vertical steel supports for grill and rotisserie are removable for storage or if using pan for dutch oven cooking.

Grill Grate measures 18 1/2" x 14 1/2" and is made form welded steel with a BBQ grade baked enamel finish.

Adjusts to 3 different heights (6 1/4", 8 1/4", 10 1/2").

Rotisserie Grill rotates with a hand crank and has 4 quarter turn settings. The rotisserie compartment is adjustable to hold different typed of meat. Chromeplated steel construction. Adjusts to 3 different heights (9 1/4", 12 1/4", 15 1/2").
UPC 0-29794-13467-8
case pack 1

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